Snoop Dogg 'in the process' of becoming a top chef thanks to Martha Stewart

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is helping to turn rap veteran Snoop Dogg into a "real professional" in the kitchen.

The two stars have formed an unlikely friendship over the years, and together, they serve as the hosts of hit TV series Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, on which they invite their celebrity pals over for a meal and a chat.

The odd duo has also spent time together away from the cameras, and the Gin and Juice hitmaker reveals under Martha's guidance, he has picked up quite a few new culinary skills.

"She taught me how to be a real Iron Chef in the kitchen!," Snoop quipped, referencing the popular U.S. cooking competition show, on which professional cooks compete for the title of Iron Chef.

"She's very particular with how you set up the (food on the) plate, like, I'll usually just rush through it, but she's teaching me how to be more calculated, like a real professional. I'm in the process."

Snoop and Martha like to trade lessons and advice on different subjects, but when it comes to teaching the domestic queen what he knows about cooking, the rapper admits his kitchen tips were rather low-brow.

"I taught her how to make bacon!" he laughed on talk show The View. "I taught her how make baloney (bologna sausage) sandwiches... There's a few things I'm trying to get her hip to the hood; she's showing me about the finer things in life, Grey Poupon (brand of French mustard) and stuff!"

Snoop recently took Martha up on an offer to visit her estate in Bedford, New York for lunch, but gave her a bit of a surprise by bringing a few extra unexpected guests.

"Snoop came to lunch the other day and he was a wonderful guest, although he did say he was only going to bring his business partner and his stylist," Martha recalled in a pre-taped video message for The View. "He shows up with seven people for lunch...!"

Although she was a little unprepared for the large gathering, Martha was thrilled to host the hip-hop icon, adding, "Snoop, I'm very glad you finally visited me on my farm!"

Smiling at the memory of the trip, the California native revealed he was blown away by the luxury countryside property.

"Martha has everything that you can imagine! The horses' house is better than my house!," he marveled.

And Snoop insists others could learn a lot from their cherished bond.

He added, "Our relationship is so special. People would have never thought that we could have a relationship or have a friendship, but that's what's wrong with people: stop judging the book by its cover. A lot of people need to understand and learn."

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